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Tips for Curbing Allergies in the Office

Posted at March 16, 2018 » By Admin »

A Proactive Approach to Improving the Health of Your Employees



The physical health of your employees directly affects the financial health of your business. As a business owner, it makes good sense to become more proactive when it comes to dealing with the health issues of those who work for you. By keeping on top of potential health problems at your [...]

Posted at March 02, 2018 » By Admin »

Keeping the Flu at Bay in the Workplace


Cold and flu season has arrived, and this is the time of the year when the most people call in sick. Although the increase in sick coworkers may be blamed on the change in weather, in reality, the main culprit is probably an unhealthy office. If your employees have touched a computer [...]

Posted at February 16, 2018 » By Admin »

A pH-Enomenal Floor Maintainer For The Winter Season


Posted at January 10, 2018 » By Tiffany Britton »

T350 Stand-on Scrubber Product Overview Video

We are launching a new facilities equipment product: A T350 Stand-On Scrubber.  This new product uses innovative technologies including Smart Fill and Nano Clean(features that will make your life easier!) This scrubber is able to keep large areas clean but is also flexible enough to get in and [...]

Posted at November 22, 2017 » By Tiffany Britton »

Employee Retention: How will you keep your best talent?

How will you retain your best talent in your office this year? With more possibilities than ever before this is a critical point for businesses to take hold of. There are more flex schedules, online jobs, job opportunities held out on job application sites, LinkedIn you name it, its there.

Posted at October 25, 2017 » By Tiffany Britton » Categories General Business »

How Restroom Cleanliness Relates To Infection

Restrooms are one of the toughest areas for cleaning for two main reasons: both the aesthetics(appearances) & health of the area.  However, one of the biggest challenges is the public health issue, which can affect many people.

This flu season is your opportunity to make sure your facilities' [...]

Posted at September 29, 2017 » By Tiffany Britton »

How to Maintain a Healthy Child Care Environment with Proper Hygiene

Proper hygiene in a child care facility should be considered an essential part of daily operations. Any type of facility that serves a volume of children daily – preschools, primary schools, daycare facilities, even home-based day care – should ensure that hygiene is a priority. With so many [...]

Posted at June 19, 2017 » By Tiffany Britton » Categories Facility »

Peak Season: Safety is Number One

Safety is the number one challenge for a good reason, this involves your most precious resource: your workforce. During peak season, a high percentage of your workforce may be temporary hires: persons who are often new to your processes, procedures and safety regulations.

Posted at May 01, 2017 » By Tiffany Britton »

Key Factors of a Floor Maintenance Program

Too often managers base their floor maintenance decisions on the amount of the initial costs. Sure, the lower price tag can be tempting, but will it get the job done effectively and efficiently?

Posted at February 19, 2017 » By Tierra Washington » Categories Facility , Maintenance »
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